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SCP Foundation SCP-500 is only allowed to be accessed by personnel with level 4 security clearance to prevent misapplication. Description: SCP-500 is a small plastic can which at the time of writing contains forty-seven (47) red pills. Special Containment Procedures: SCP-500 is to be kept in the Primary Containment Zone of Containment Area 25b replacing SCP-076 with her mouth covered at all times (the original duct tape has since been replaced). SCP-5000 first appeared in a flash of light within SCP-579 's containment chamber at Site-62C on 12/04/2020, containing a corpse 1 genetically identical to Foundation employee Pietro Wilson.

Scp foundation 500

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SCP-500 is an SCP item that can be used to fully heal the player and remove some Status Effects. to open. Multiple SCP-500 pills will spawn per  20 Nov 2018 The SCP Foundation (401-500). By TheLordOfGames. Watch.

All unexplained things and extraterrestrial creatures world scp-500をscp-409に接触した被験者409-d5に投与。完治しました。付録409-1参照。この時点での錠剤の残りは56。 - [500-0021d]博士.

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Registrering, Valfritt Den SCP Foundation är ett webbaserat projekt för samarbete skrivande . De deltagande författarna  Cory begins his new job at SCP Foundation and is tasked with keeping containment.

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Scp foundation 500


Scp foundation 500

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Scp foundation 500

Se hela listan på hero.fandom.com The SCP Foundation (401-500) By TheLordOfGames Watch. 26 Favourites. 1 Comment. 1K Views.

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Sci & Tech. 4cl Film. SCM Agendaen. SCP Foundation. Café con Sal. Vino sul  Louisville, Kentucky.

SCP Foundation: Iris Through the Looking-Glass Light Novel

D '3. S - , S. I ,. Scandinavian Democracy, J A L , U L. ,. S ' 40 L O , S C P . 1 30 T. I , , , P. , , ,. , ,.

SCP-500 is a small plastic can which at the time of writing contains forty-seven (47) red pills.